The Most Effective Way to Market Insurance


A good way of marketing insurance really determines the work of an insurance agent, whether the product being offered will be sold or not. Actually, the key to success in selling insurance policies is a matter of confidence of the buyer or prospective customer, without the confidence of the prospective customer … the agent will not be able to market insurance. So no matter how good the insurance product is, if the agent is unable to convince the prospect or prospective customer, the sale will not occur.

And what if we take advantage of social media on the internet, can we write status in the form of insurance advertisements there? if such a method is used, it will certainly not work. To sell insurance online there are procedures, namely with the right internet marketing techniques, learn how to sell insurance online.

Community needs for insurance

More and more people are interested in insurance because of its vital function. For example, life insurance that has been launched by many insurance companies and banks. This type of insurance is useful as a guarantee when unwanted things happen, such as accidents to cause disability or death. Those who experience such things or their heirs will get insurance compensation. There is also a type of old age insurance that is beneficial for everyone. Especially for private workers or laborers after retirement, they certainly still need funds to meet their family’s daily needs. With this insurance, they will get funds according to the premiums paid each month.

However the most attractive may be education insurance. Many parents take this insurance as a savings fund for their children’s educational needs. The reason is, it is common knowledge that continuing education to higher education is very expensive, no matter public or private universities. It is predicted that each year the costs to be incurred by parents will always increase. Therefore, parents must plan and prepare education funds for their children from an early age. All types of insurance can be marketed by selling insurance through a bank.

The development of the times from year to year increasingly makes people’s needs also increase. Not only basic needs, but also secondary and tertiary needs. For some people, insurance is a tertiary need that is not really needed. But for those who always plan everything in life, insurance is a basic necessity that must be owned.

How to sell insurance that is good and right

1. The sincere approach.

 It means, we get acquainted and make an approach to prospects … not because we want it. It is not uncommon for an agent who is rejected by his offer to move away, of course this will make the prospect feel like a marketing target or sales target, this is what makes the prospect not pleased. What needs to be done is to maintain communication as usual even though they are rejected, because they are still potential customers, usually they just need time to think and consider everything.

2. Convey solution ideas.

 Prospects that have opened their minds, of course, will ask what benefits will be received from insurance. Insurance agents are required to have good product knowledge, thank God he also uses his own products, meaning that besides being an agent … he is also a customer of his own company, this will be an added value that will grow the confidence of potential customers. But in essence, what the customer needs must be covered by the insurance benefits that you offer.

3. Explore the prospect’s needs.

 An important step, this method has been proven by many senior agents in marketing insurance. Most … prospects who refuse insurance usually they do not understand the need for protection. The agent’s job is only to tell stories to raise awareness that every family needs financial security, if someone is sick someone will pay for it, if the spine dies there is financial guarantee for the survival of the family, and if he is old then someone provides old age insurance in the form of a pension fund.

4. Always ask for references.

 Usually this is a technique that is always used to market insurance, because it is very important. Agents who consistently apply this method will get a good and consistent sales rate. No matter what happens, whether your offer is accepted or rejected, always ask for references, ask for a list of people closest to the prospect that we can contact. If we have previously established good relationships and communications with prospects, of course this is not a difficult thing.

5. Selling Insurance through a Proven Effective Bank

How to sell insurance through a bank is an important thing for banks to do. This is because insurance is one of the national banking products currently in demand by the public. Both conventional, sharia, and regional banks have insurance products. These banks can make their own insurance or cooperate with insurance companies to market and distribute these products.
That way, the public will at least know that the bank concerned has insurance products. As for matters of interest or not, maybe it is the marketing responsibility of the bank, especially to offer insurance products by selling insurance through banks.