5 best business opportunities during a pandemic

 business opportunities during a pandemic

In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, all activities were restricted. However, this condition does not mean that creativity is hampered, including in looking for business opportunities.

IN THE ERA of the Covid-19 pandemic, all activities are restricted. However, this condition does not mean that creativity is hampered, including in looking for business opportunities. Especially now that we have entered the new normal era. Here are 10 business opportunities that are suitable for the R&D survey version of the pandemic.

1.Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services could have a good chance of being applied during a pandemic. Moreover, there are many individuals or institutions who need visual content for various purposes, such as promotion.

2. Bloging

In the pandemic era, creating a blog and making money from a blog is one surefire way to make money quickly and safely. Without thinking about having to leave the house and do things that can only be done from inside the house.

Crisis conditions leave uncertainty. Companies, consumers, and even governments are struggling to understand what is happening and what action must be taken to address this massive problem.

3.  Digital Business

Digital business is one of the lines of business sectors that are considered to be the most resilient even in crisis conditions. It is undeniable that technological developments bring enlightenment to society and are able to support and develop other business sectors.

In the process, digital business has become a solution for most people to get out of their problems, and can even encourage people to get out of times of crisis. For example, digital technology in the form of a video conferencing application can help employees face disgust over long distances and solve business problems during the health crisis due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Technologies such as online accounting software can also help companies solve financial management problems practically, accurately and quickly. In essence, success will be achieved if you have the energy and confidence in your ability to get through a crisis. Because basically, every business actor must be ready and eager to “win” every crisis.

The need to maintain and restore health will not be lost due to any momentum, so that it can be used as a business opportunity while helping people meet their health needs.

4.  Hand Sanitizer business

Market demand for hand sanitizers and masks changed so rapidly after the Covid-19 outbreak entered Indonesia. Claims that hand sanitizers can kill the corona virus, have made sales so high. Several Gadjian and Hadirr clients, such as the cosmetic company Mineral Botanica, have also seen this increase in demand. This made many people hunt for hand sanitizers and had led to scarcity. This can be an opportunity for you to start a business because of the high demand for hand sanitizers.
How to make your own hand sanitizer is quite easy and you can do it yourself when you are #dirumahsaja. Making hand sanitizers according to WHO standards, you must prepare 70% alcohol.
This pandemic requires everyone to quickly adjust to new work patterns. Some examples are workers who have to change their activities to Work From Home (WFH), students and schoolchildren also have to learn online. Even though many activities cannot run as usual, we must remain optimistic about taking business opportunities.

5. Home Offline Business

Apart from taking advantage of technology, you can also open a business directly or offline at home. A home business can be a profitable business opportunity with minimal capital and be more flexible by leveraging your abilities. You can open a haircut or salon service business.
Haircut services are a promising and developing business opportunity. You can get a satisfactory turnover with only light capital, to buy equipment and supporting tools. For promotion, you can take advantage of social media without spending capital.
And do not need a special place because it can be done at home. Apart from cutting or salon services, a very profitable business opportunity is the laundry business. Nowadays many people do not have time to wash clothes, especially among employees and students who are busy with their routines.
This provides a great opportunity for you to earn money by opening a laundry service at home. Laundry business does not require large capital and a large space. You can use the garage or home page to run the business.
This business is perfect if you live in an agency or company area with the majority of employees or students. The laundry business is one of the best business opportunity choices to get additional benefits without large capital.
The ease of technology now makes you not need to be confused if you need business capital, because People’s Capital is ready to serve your capital needs to open a business. With a variety of business ideas above, you can take advantage of these business opportunities to increase your monthly income.