Skills Needed by a Business Development

Skills Needed by a Business Development

Interested in becoming a BD or even want to swerve into a BD? Check out the skills needed by a BD below: 

1. High Motivation

Being a BD is required to have high innovation and discipline in work. A BD also cannot give up easily and be able to meet targets within limitations and also deadlines.

2. Management

With a very diverse focus on tasks, BD must have the ability to manage time and priorities.
A BD must also be smart in managing existing resources on the team and company so that they can support business growth.

3. Communication

Not only working behind the scenes, a BD person must also have good communication skills.
The reason is, they must communicate with prospective customers, clients, teams, and also presentations to colleagues or clients.

4. Marketing

Not only with sales, BD also works a lot with the marketing division to promote the brand. Therefore, a BD should also have basic skills in marketing.

5. Negotiation

In his work, a BD will be faced with negotiating with existing or potential clients for cooperation with the company.
Well, in this case a BD must hone skills in negotiation so that all projects can be successfully achieved.

6. Data analysis

There will be a lot of data that a BD person has to analyze. From sales growth data per month, investor data, client data, to data from competitors that need to be analyzed and studied.
From here, accuracy and data analysis skills are needed. Data is not just writing, you know! A lot of data contains picture patterns, numbers, number patterns, and even mathematical operations.
A BD must also be able to compile data and present it to superiors in language that is easy to understand.
If you are confident in your data analysis skills, you may be very well suited to work as business development.

7. Project management

Working to develop a business is complex and high risk. Being a BD requires a high level of responsibility because the company hangs its fate in your hands.
In becoming a BD, you must be prepared to face all the best and worst possibilities. You don’t only have to work on projects, but teamwork, team support, and problem solving.
In this case, leadership needs to be instilled in your mentality so that all the projects you lead can run smoothly and in harmony with the team.
From the explanation about work, responsibilities, and BD skills, are you sure that everything is already in you?
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