Difference between Business Development and Sales

Difference between Business Development and Sales

Many consider BD work to be the same as sales. 

In fact these two jobs are different. 
People in business development have the duty to advance a company with its business development strategy. 
For example, by developing new markets, selling subsidiaries to other companies, and the like. 
A sales development job also aims to increase profits for the company. 
However, sales development is more responsible for cooperation or purchase contracts, handling prospects, and providing demonstrations of the products being sold. 
 Sales development is more focused on the product being sold and getting profit from the sale. 
 Even though these jobs are different, the two are related to each other, you know! 
Sales may enter into the business development section. With the same goal of making a profit, they can work together to exchange strategies in order to achieve the company’s expected targets.
 Imagine if BD tasks were done alone without sales, maybe the company’s progress would not be optimal. 

Responsibilities of Business Development

Already get a little enlightenment about the work of BD? Now, it’s time to find out what BD jobs and responsibilities are:

Seeking new customer opportunities and maintaining relationships between customers or clients

  • Work with other divisions to meet market or client needs
  • Compile and present the company’s business development plan
  • Conducting research on the company’s business development on a regular basis
  • Understand the company’s products, competitors, and the business position in the market
  • Working closely with the sales department in order to get new promising prospective clients or customers
  • Do market research